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It Starts from A Simple Idea

In the spring of 2022, I was still studying for my master degree in the University of Florida. I came up with an idea that I want to show my performing art friends how America is, so I just posted a non-official and private post on Facebook. And then someone replied to me, and then the plan started.

We had a very obviously project name: 2022 International Performing Artists Exchange Plan

After the show in Gainesville, Florida, we heard that audience feel appreciate the artists came to the community.

After the show in Orlando, Florida, we heard that the artists gave them a very different view of performing art.

The rewards of this plan far exceeded my expectations. I love how small groups are tight and mobile, and I love being producer that behind the artists and watching them shine on stage.

Now, I hope this exchange plan can be continued. For the great value for both Taiwanese and American performing artists, and also for the community has a chance to watch a show that is non-famous but more close to life.

Thanks to my partner, Fay, willing to join this plan and support me at the very beginning. With full energy and sensitivity, I got so much help.

Thanks to another partner, Ning, willing to be our financial chair. Give us so much advice about how a non-profit will do the accounting with humor and patience.

Let’s see how far we can go, and how much value we can bring to the world.


6/15/2023 in Atlanta

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